The opening of the Sepas house to the generous efforts of donors


About The Event

With the help of almighty God and the great efforts of many benefactors, the Sepas Foundation office was purchased and after full repairs and equipment, it was put into operation on October 7, 2022, at the same time as the anniversary of the establishment of the Sepas Foundation.

All of us at Sepas Foundation are extremely grateful to all our dear benefactors; Especially the mother of the great martyr, Mrs. Saeedi Aram, who with her precious dedication accepted about 70% of the purchase price of the house of thanks, with the intention of the remains and merits for the deceased of this family: Haj Akbar Shahrani, Shahid Reza Shahrani and the late Gholamreza Shahrani, to be a lasting base to carry out good deeds and service projects of Sepas Foundation

We are also grateful to the founder of Sepas Foundation, Mr. Mojtabi Abbasi, and all the esteemed benefactors who, with their valuable donations, have accepted about 30% of the required amount and thus stood in the raising love direction, awareness and selfless service to our beloved Iran.

We thank the Almighty God that all our dear benefactors, with the same heart and the same intention, joined hands to make this godly act come true, so that today we are the owner of the house, and the title deed of the head office of the non-governmental foundation, Sepas, is registered in the name of this charity.

May the light of this house be bright, the path of benefactors full of light, the heart of the big family of the Spas Foundation warm and the flag of service to Iran and Iranians will be raised forever with the grace and guidance of the merciful God.

Don’t say that The King won’t allow us to enter his door,

Working with the givers is not difficult



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