Love For Wisdom Department

Since May 7, 2014, Sepas Foundation has regularly and continuously organized “The Power Of Now”  seasonal workshop for Thousands of Iranians.

The goal of Love For Wisdom Department (Eshgho Hekmat) is to spread awareness to improve people’s lifestyles, so it helps all people to be trained in the field of presence teaching & techniques of being in the present moment and practical tools based on mindfulness, along with social and environmental responsibility training for people to access pure being with peace. Inside and outside, to create a responsible, awake and soul-aware world, it does completely voluntary activities.

Since the mission of this department is to raise awareness among different segments of the society, we rely on the importance of developing and training mindfulness and also creating a platform for people to access peace, happiness and inner love, and we are the foundation for the development of a culture of voluntary service and loving without expectations.

Therefore, we started with ourselves, each of us made a cultural vow of a part of our life and time and we stand voluntarily so that the seed of awareness, service and being one in the hearts of our countrymen germinates and becomes fertile.

Love For Wisdom department facilitates the practical training of mindfulness techniques in cooperation with psychological thinkers, mental health researchers and professional mindfulness trainers.

 By cultivating committed and capable trainers in the field of presence teachings, we created a platform so that individuals and organizations in difficult times can use the skill of being present in the moment and be proactive with peace and well-being by increasing resilience, acceptance and realism towards adversities and crises. Faced with challenges, create innovative solutions and ultimately improve the quality of their lives, relationships and business.

The vision of Love For wisdom department is to develop workshops of “the power of now” throughout Iran, and its mission is to hold training courses based on mindfulness, in addition to seminars on the comparative studies of teaching presence with another approaches, as well as training professional instructors of teaching presence and mindfulness, with the aim of increasing the level of community awareness and improving the healthy lifestyle for all Iranian people.

 Love For Volunteering Department

Love For Volunteering department (Eshgho Khedmat) is an specialized department for all human-centered social responsibility projects in Sepas Foundation.

It’s aim is to publish voluntary work in the field of prevention of social harms, which, by attracting resources and cultivating volunteers from wealthy cities and provinces, designs and implements various projects in underprivileged and border areas of the country.

Sepas Foundation is a volunteer-oriented NGO that, due to the range of interests and capabilities of its volunteers, has so far implemented many social empowerment projects in the fields of sustainable development of local communities, poverty alleviation, social and rural entrepreneurship, school construction, design of dedicated CSR corporate social responsibility projects, culture of gratitude, support and education of working children, support for education, medicine and treatment of children, release of imprisoned parents, feeding and provision, relief and rescue, etc. in 20 provinces.

Love For Volunteering department accompany with its respected members, advisors and helpers, in line with the mission of “developing the culture of love and voluntary service”, based on the rich culture of helping in our land, with a completely modern, scientific and practical approach to social responsibility and to improve the individual and organizational voluntary activities are aimed at creating a suitable platform to improve living conditions and creating favorable economic opportunities in the underserved areas of our country. In this way, we start with ourselves first; We see, accept and take our share which we have in fulfilling our social responsibility towards our dear motherland, IRAN.

The vision of Love For Volunteering department is improving the level of social welfare in underprivileged areas, create value and create wealth in border villages, and its mission is to create a suitable platform, empower and create sustainable employment in local communities through the development of the cooperation network and the cultivation of elite helpers (individuals and organizations), training social responsibility is providing the necessary resources to improve the living conditions in underserved areas, identifying economic opportunities and providing the necessary resources for the prosperity of local communities, etc.

Love For Volunteering Projects:
The Iran Diar-e- Mehr / Diar / Aftabgardoon Campaign / Sepasdari Campaign / Raha’ee Campaign / Marham Yar Campaign / Sepasdari Campaign / Emdad Yar Project 

Love For Nature Department

Love For Nature department (Eshgho Tabiat) is a specialized department for all nature-oriented social responsibility projects in Sepas Foundation. The goal of this department is environmental protection education and volunteer work in the field of environmental damage prevention. By attracting targeted resources and cultivating volunteers who are concerned about preserving the environment and restoring water in the country, we design and implement various projects in the target areas.

Since this department was founded with the intention of developing the culture of environmental protection, biodiversity, water restoration and preservation of Iran’s irreplaceable natural resources, its mission is to educate, culture, implement environmental projects and provide a platform for voluntary service for individuals and organizations to rebuild and reviving the country’s natural capital and preserving it for the future generation.

Therefore, we at Sepas Foundation, with a scientific approach to discover the chain of environmental damage, provide creative and sustainable solutions in accordance with the global perspective, to empower the society and educate and promote the underserved local communities.

Preservation of the environment is one of the biggest challenges of human society in the world. The earth, like a benevolent mother, has given its wholeness to everything that exists in it in order to preserve human life and meet his needs. We stand in the path of human excellence and protection of water and land, and in all the necessary stages, from research, design and planning to training, implementation and evaluation, we use scientific approaches and practical and principled methods along with the tacit knowledge and field experience of local communities.
Love For Nature’s vision is to improve the awareness and performance of the society in preserving the environment, caring for the earth and restoring water, and its mission is to educate and create culture in the field of environmental preservation, energy and waste management, water restoration, by providing sustainable and operational solutions to preserve the earth. Preservation of water and nature and the implementation of related projects to solve the shortcomings and environmental damage in the target areas

 Love For Nature Campaigns
Hamyar-Tabiat Campaign / Shahr Yar Campaign / Iran yar Campaigns