Who’s the Sepas Foundation?

Who’s the Sepas Foundation?

Who’s the Sepas Foundation?

The ideology of Sepas Foundation

Our ideology is based on sharing love and compassion with everyone.

At Sepas Foundation, we believe that we exist to spread love and affection through the cultivation of presence, awareness and voluntary service, by practice in compassion towards ourselves, others and existence. Therefore the structure of Sepas Foundation is also based on love and compassion.

About Sepas Foundation

The Non-governmental Sepas-e-Lahzeh-ye-hal organization has the activity permission at the national level from the Ministry of Interior under license number 214519 and registration number 47537.

It is an NGO with the mission of “developing the culture of loving and volunteer service” through

volunteer activities and the dissemination of social, cultural and environmental empowering skills.

Sepas Foundation works with the help of conscientious volunteers and a scientific approach to philanthropy, with the priority of empowering and developing local communities in the following three specialized departments:

 Love For Wisdom Department 
Love For Volunteering Department
 Love For Nature Department


Sepas Foundation; an inspiration in Iran’s social responsibility

With life awareness, volunteer orientation and sustainable empowerment


Sepas foundation in line with its mission of developing the love and volunteer culture, through raising awareness and empowering in the target communities to attract volunteer-oriented human resources and financial/non-financial resources from cities and provinces and then allocate it via social empowerment projects, water and environmental restoration and the sustainable development of local communities deals with low-income provinces and border villages.

Year 2022
  • Beginning of the Raha’ee Campaign with the first parents of the prisoners / April 2022
    • Gulrizan of the Sepas Foundation in Ramadan month (helping to treat 350 children) / May 2022
  • Release of 10 unintendedfinancial parents prisoners / August 2022
    • Project to support the education (distribution of 3,050 school bags) / September 2022
    • Official start of Hozoorbani no.2 Project/ September 2022
    • Start of  Marham Yar Campaign / November 2022
Year 2021
  • Aid for victims of the disaster “earthquake of Sisakht province”. / March 2021 
    • A memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Vashu Federation. / May 2021
    • Aid for the Corona crisis in Konarak, Iran Shahr and Bampur provinces./ July 2021
    • Start of water supply project to 30 villages in Balochistan Province./ August 2021
    • Birth of the Love For Nature (Eshgho Tabiat) Department / May 2021
    • Aid for the Indica earthquake / September 2021
    • A memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mofid Hospital / November 2021
    • Selection of Sepas Foundation as chosen benefactor in Red Crescent / December 2021
    • landlord becoming of Sepas Foundation/Sepas Foundation owns HOUSE (opening ceremony of the main office of Sespas Foundation) / December 2021
    •Aid for flooding in Konarak / January 2021
Year 2020
  • A memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Red Crescent/March 2020
    • Start of Sepasdari Campaign and Sofre-ye-Asheghi project (distribution of 2,300 food packs)/May 2020
    • Start of the school building project/June 2020
    • Holding the first online workshop of “The Power of Now” workshop, after the outbreak of Corona / Jun 2020
    • Establishment of a training room in the Brickwork zone(a slum district) / July 2020
    • Start of Diar Project (Entrepreneurship and Handicrafts of Border Provinces / February 2021
    • Reaching the number of active volunteers in service projects of Sepas Foundation to 1300 people / March 2020
Year 2019
  • Aid and active presence in Golestan, Lorestan and Khuzestan floods / April 2019
    • Reconstruction of flooded residential houses in Agh Qola and Gamishan / July 2019
    • The first on sale art works project for the benefit of working children / May 2019
    • Beginning of Mehrbani Campaign (distribution of 10,145 school bags in 19 provinces) / July 2019
    • Obtaining national approval letter and official registration of Sepas Foundation in registration number 47537 / July 2019
    • launching the Sepas club and Aftabgardoon football team / September 2019
    • Thank you culture campaign with 200 volunteers in 10 locations in Tehran and Karaj / September 2019
    • Aid for Baluchistan flood and catering establishment in Konarak / December 2019
    • The beginning of the Campaign of Iran Diar-e- Mehr / March 2019
    • During Corona project the Sepas Foundation would be transformed into a sewing workshop (7,000 protective suits and 61,000 three-layer masks) / September 2019
    • Reaching the number of graduated of the current workshop “The Power of Now” to 2,000 people / March 2019
Year 2018

• Forming the first workshop on “The Power of Now” workshop in Karaj / April 2018
• Official start of Hozoorbani no.1 Project/ September 2018
• Birth of the Love For Volunteering (Eshgho Khedmat) Department(Initialing work of Aftabgardoon campaign with 9 pioneer teams) / December 2018

Year 2017

• Establishment of Sepas House in Tehran / June 2017
• Establishment the first “The Power of now workshop” in the west of Tehran (Rahyar) / Spring 2017

Year 2016

• Establishment the first big workshop (with 220 people capacity) on “The Power of now”/ December 2016
• Establishment and training the first volunteering team (Hamyari) / April 2016

Year 2015
  • The birth of Sepas Foundation (establishing the first workshop on “The Power Of The Now” with 12 people at the Coach’s house) / September 7, 2015
  • Organizing the second workshop with 40 applicants at Avand Institute / December 2015