Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What trainings does the Sepas Foundation have? What trainings does the Sepas Foundation have?
  • the Power of now” workshop based on mindfulness
  • Red Crescent first aid course
  • Familiarization course with Iran’s environmental protection
How can we become a volunteer member of the Foundation?

You can join the group of volunteers by donating your time, ability and valuable connections, and serve gratuitous(ly) & voluntarily to the Sepas Foundation family. For more information and membership conditions, you can contact the volunteer department at 26700690, 09026700690 and 09022720015. Eligible candidates can visit the website of the candidate registration section and fill out the application form, according to the needs of the Sepas Foundation, their interest and abilities.

How are the expenses of the Sepas Foundation funded?

Sepas Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-partisan organization and its budget is provided only by relying on people’s contributions and all kinds of humanitarian aid, including cash, goods, services and technical know-how.

What is the financial system of the power of now workshop at the moment?

In this workshop, no fee is charged under the title of conventional tuition, and it does not mean that the workshop is free.At the time of registration, an amount of 250 thousand tomans (approved in 1401) will be deposited for registration on the site and the interview process, and in the final week of the workshop, 1 million 500 thousand tomans (approved in 1401) will be transferred to the official account of the foundation in donation way.

The important point is that payment of the fee is mandatory, but the amount is optional and everyone pays the fee based on their maximum ability and generosity for the purpose of publishing and continuing these trainings and developing the services of Sepas Foundation for the next participants. In fact, the intention is to practice and continue this chain of awareness, love and humanity so that no one is left behind due to financial issues.

What is the reason for obtaining personal information in the registration and membership process?

This personal information is taken for better interaction with the Sepas Foundation family in the Foundation system, which is kept confidential. Sepas Foundation sends its news and information to these loved ones in different ways. When the ID number is announced to people, people are assured that their information is registered in the system.

Is there an age limit for participating in the workshop?

The current power workshop is for people over 18 years old

First aid workshops and familiarization with the environment are held for people over 15 years old

When does each course start?

The workshop on the power of the present moment starts on the first working Sunday of each season

First aid and environment familiarization workshops will be held once in each season after reaching the quorum of registered participants.

What level of people can participate in the workshops of Sepas Foundation?

The participants of the class are a symbol of the diversity of people in the society in which we live, from students and housewives to university professors, managers at different levels, businessmen, lawyers, owners of various businesses, young and old are present together. Therefore, from any stratum with medium to high intelligence capacity, they can attend the workshops, which is one of the educational advantages of the course

What does Dahesh mean?

Dehesh means that none of the trainers and assistants of the workshop will receive any money from this amount and all the money will be spent on holding the workshop in the next season, and in fact you will not pay any fees for yourself and your money will be spent on the expenses of the participants of the season. It will be later.

How is Sepas Foundation an organization?

In line with its mission, Sepas Foundation has the mission of developing a culture of love and voluntary service; By raising awareness and empowering the target communities to attract volunteer human capital and financial and non-financial resources from rich cities and provinces and then allocate it through social empowerment projects and sustainable development of local communities to less rich provinces and border villages.

Who are the target community of the foundation's projects?

Working and street children, children and families of kilns of brick houses, sick children of less privileged areas, women heads of households, less privileged areas in Razavi Khorasan province, villages of Sarkhs, Torbat Heydarieh, Zaveh and Khaf cities, West Azarbaijan province, villages of the city Chaldaran: Quraykh Balag, Qara Kila, Qurays, Khuzestan Province, Khorramshahr County, Suite Chi 1, Suite Chi 2 villages. Suite G 3, Sistan and Baluchistan province, Kanarak city, Kamshahr, Gordim and Pezem Tiab villages, Lorestan province, Khorramabad city, Shulabad district and Koh Zal areas, assistance and relief in natural and unnatural disasters (floods, earthquakes, corona virus, etc.)